Christian Counseling Books on Abuse

In our experience the following books are the best on abuse.

Transformation: Contains two chapters on Bible models for abusers and recovery

Alternatives of Domestic Violence: Workbook for Domestic Violence Groups (Secular)

Anger is a choice: A basic book about anger by a Christian author

The Anger Workbook: The core underlying issues that cause long-term anger

Battered into Submission: Covers Christian domestic violence issues

Boundaries: The classical Christian book on establishing personal boundaries

The boundaries workbook: The companion workbook for Boundaries

Helping Victims of Sexual Abuse: A more general book about sexual abuse

The wounded heart: The most in-depth clinical Christian book on childhood sexual abuse

The wounded heart workbook: The companion workbook for the Wounded Heart

Treating Childhood Sexual Offenders: The most definitive book on treating pedophiles.

Beauty for Ashes: Joyce Meyers story of her recovery from sexual abuse.