Counseling Center Payment Options

Christian counseling payment, scheduling and administration window at Word of Life Counseling Center North
Christian counseling center payment and scheduling at Word of Life Counseling Center North

Health Insurance can be filed for you.

Here is a partial listing of insurance companies for which some of our counselors are in-network providers.  Other insurance companies may consider certain counselors as out of network providers and may require higher deductibles or pay at a reduced rate.  Individual and family therapy fees are $145 for the initial diagnostic interview and $125 for subsequent sessions. 


Blue Cross Blue Shield

United Behavior Health*

United Health Care




Benefit Management Inc/WPPA


*Kancare Medicaid Providers



Self-pay or group fees can be paid by debit or credit card

Therapy groups which are part of our court approved programs do require a fee which is due at each session as follows:


Drug/alcohol Therapy Groups  $50.00

Relapse Prevention Groups  $20.00 per group meeting

Anger Management/Domestic Violence Groups $20.00

Parenting Classes $15 per class


Please refer to each of these individual programs under the services page links. 


Sliding Scale fees available for self-pay

If your insurance company will not cover our services, you have too high of a deductible, or you choose one of our unlicensed Degreed Christian Counselors, you may qualify for our sliding scale fee. 


This fee is calculated based on the number of thousands of dollars of yearly income in dollars per session. As an example a family member from a family that has a yearly income of $75,000 per year would pay $75 per session.  However, the lowest fee for these services is $70 per session.  This sliding scale does not apply to specific programs or services with established fees.     

Free/donation basis student counseling

In order to provide help for those who are unable to afford even our sliding scale fee, we offer our Lay Counseling Program. 


Lay counselors are counselors in our Christian Counselor training program who have at least completed our basic courses and are supervised by an instructor who is a licensed counselor. In other cases, they are qualified counselors who choose to volunteer there services without charge.  

Free Support Groups

The following Support Groups are free.  However we do take an offering at each group which is given to the church for the use of their facilities. 




Women's Issues/ Bible study


Please see the support groups page for times and locations of these groups.