The main west entrance to Word of Life Counseling Center North
The Main Entrance of Word of Life Counseling Center North

Providing In-depth Bible-based Christian Counseling

Word of Life Counseling Center is a non-profit, full service Christian counseling center that provides state licensed Marriage and Family Therapy, a State Licensed Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Clinic, court approved anger management,  parenting classes, life coaching and Health and Weight Coaching. 

Just like a river, the word of God brings life to everything that it touches.  God promises to provide everything that we need for life and godliness but sometimes we need a little help finding life in a dry and lifeless world.

Are you depressed?  Do you have marriage, relationship, family problems or past hurts or strongholds that you just can't seem to overcome?

God loves you and understands your hurt and confusion. He has provided, through His Son, everything we need to remove our sins, heal our broken hearts, and to set us free.  To be saved means to become completely whole in every aspect of our lives.  (For more on how to be saved see salvation on the drop down menu of this page.)

Where can I get help when nothing I do seems to work?

Salvation comes progressively through faith, but sometimes hearing and studying God's Word and even seeking the best advice of a good pastor doesn't seem to be enough. Or maybe we are so bound and our problems seem so complicated that we don't even know where to start. That is when we need a Christian counselor, a specialist who is trained, knows the Word of God, and has experience breaking mental, emotional, and spiritual strongholds.

What is the counselor's role in the Body of Christ?

The counselor's place in the Body of Christ is to assist pastors and individuals in applying the Word of God and the enablement of the Holy Spirit to resolve specific kinds of difficult and long-term psychological, emotional, and family problems.  The Christian counselor helps the client in overcoming the obstacles which prevent him from achieving the sanctified, abundant life that has been given us through Christ.

Does it really work?

 Here are the comments of some of our clients who have been helped by God through Christian counselors at Word of Life Counseling Center. 

    "Anger was destroying my marriage and...children.  Counseling...has broken the grip of anger and is helping to restore...relations." 

   "...Christian counseling has helped me through addiction and I'm back on track with God."

  "...Our marriage, family, and lives have been transformed!"

We accept most health insurance, offer a sliding scale and have low-cost court approved programs.  We accept credit and debit cards. Call  316-677-7646 for counseling, life coaching and parenting appointments, Sandy at 316-461-0901 for drug and alcohol recovery and anger management, and Brian at 719-602-9682 for Health and Weight Coaching.