Court Approved Parenting Classes

When children have been taken away as "children in need of care" or involved in divorce conflict many times the parents are required to take parenting classes. The Bible has a lot to say about parenting and we have a very good parenting program.  At the most basic level family rules need to be established and boundaries set.  Children must be protected from the conflict and from having to choose between parents. 

Parenting Classes Group Leader

Parenting classes are provided to increase your skills so that you can effectively nurture your children and provide a good environment for the spiritual, emotional, and physical growth for the entire family.  This program provides 6 sessions in a group discussion and training format:

1.  Principles of Growth and Development (Mental, emotional development

from infant to teenager).

2.  The Negative Affects of Domestic Violence on the Family.

3.  What it Means for be a Family (bonding, boundaries, goodness, badness, healthy relationships)

4.  Emotional Health of Family Members:  (Love, positive interactions, solving problems)

5.  Setting Boundaries for the Family (Rules and consequences)

Positive Vital Intersections to Help Build Healthy Minds (includes proper discipline)

 This group meets on Wednesday nights between 6:30 and 8:00 pm.  

Parenting Classes Cost

Parenting classes cost $15 per session and are payable prior to each session.

Parenting Class Prognosis

Many of our clients tell us that they learned invaluable information that helped them significantly in their parenting skills in addition to meeting court requirements.  We are here to help you.  Just ask.

A call to action.

Most people are looking for parenting classes in an effort to fulfill a court ordered requirement to ensure the safety of their children.  This is especially true when your children have been taken by the courts to do the same domestic event or lack of effective parenting.  Therefore, is our recommendation  is that you simply fulfill this requirement and learn everything you can to parent your children in a way that the courts require.  But you're going to have to be the one to fulfil that requirement.   Therefore, we strongly recommend you fulfill this requirement as soon as possible and learn everything you can learn about effective parenting in the process.  To get started call 316-677-7646.