State Licensed Clinical Drug and Alcohol  Counseling

Drugs and alcohol problems account for many accidents, overdoses, destroyed lives, and early deaths.  Addictions are a trap that can not be overcome on your own.  Unmet needs lead to medication of emotions which leads to shame and denial and even more unmet needs.  For most addicts it takes faith in God, the support of an accepting group, and at least 6 months to a year to recover

Troy Reiner,  LCAC, focuses on Christian drug and alcohol recovery.
Troy Reiner, LCAC, exprienced Drug and Alcohol counselor
Sandy Elliott is the administrator of the Word of Life drug and alcohol recovery program and the office manager.
Sandy Elliott Drug and Alcohol administrator and office manager.

Addiction Treatment Program

We use the Christian 12 Step Program as outlined in the workbook, Conquering Chemical Dependency as well as other resources for our addiction counseling in Wichita, KS. All clients must do an initial evaluation that includes the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI) and the Kansas Client Placement Criteria. Based on the results, those meeting requirements will be accepted for our outpatient treatment program. Those requiring a more intensive program will be referred to another program meeting those requirements.   
Each client is required to attend at least one group therapy session for drug addiction and one support group each week for 12 weeks. Then they will continue in a support group for an additional 6 weeks as aftercare.

Those missing sessions without the instructor's approval may be required to attend additional sessions or start the program over. 

Since this program is court approved, reports will be sent to the client's probation officer if they have one. 

A relapse prevention program is also offered consisting of 10 therapy sessions. 

When ordered by the courts, we also provide DUI Evaluations. 

Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program Cost

Our cmplete Drug/Alcohol 18 Week Program.  $50 per week for 13 weeks.  Cost for the workbook is $25. 

Basic evaluation.  $50. ($50 fee will be refunded if you complete the D/A program). 

Court ordered DUI Evaluation.  $150.00  ($50 of your fee will be refunded if you complete the program.) 

Relapse Prevention Therapy Groups.  $20* per week for 10 Weeks. 

*All therapy fees must be paid prior to each therapy group. 

Addiction Recovery Prognosis

Although successful completion of the program is a strong predictor of overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction, relapse is always a possibility.  To evaluate the effectiveness of this program, we contact those who have successfully completed it one year after termination of the program to determine if they are still sober and if they have had any relapses during that year.  

For the last 10 years we maintained nearly a 90% success rate of those who we have been able to contact and who had successfully completed the program.  Some of these clients may have temporarily relapsed, but are now sober.

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