Couples Counseling

 Dating continues to be a real challenge especially because many couples are waiting for marriage until they get their careers or lives established.  The number of couples who choose to live together rather than get married continues to increase.  Unfortunately, couples who cohabitate have more  than an 80% failure rate.  Is a study done in Sweden with a trial marriage law found that couples who lived together before marriage had an increased divorced rate of 250% and they did not experience any of the benefits normally experienced in marriage.

The therapist meets with the couple weekly until the relationship is stabilized or the major issues resolved and then meet bi-weekly as the relationship improves.  We have  a test you can take online for only $35 that will help you identify growth areas needing specific therapy.  Because the failure rate of cohabiting couples is about 80% without treatment, this type of counseling is critical for the success of the relationship.

Couples Counseling Cost

Most clients usually are able to pay for family counseling with their health insurance.  If they do not have insurance they qualify for our self-pay sliding scale.  The fee is $145 for the first initial interview session due to the additional analysis involved.  Additional sessions are $125 for a state licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Professional Counselor, or social worker.  If money is a major issue you may apply for a sliding scale, referral to a non-licensed, degreed counselor on a sliding scale plan or a lay or student counselor.   However, it should be realized that the emotional cost of a failed relationship will usually exceed any amount of money expended on therapy.   

Couples Counseling Prognosis.

Because of the many variables involved the outcome of relationship counseling is hard to determine, but in cases where the couple is willing to do what is suggested and stay in treatment long enough for things to be resolved, most couples recover from the difficulties and remain together. Without therapy, the failure rate is about 80%. Although we seldom recommend separation except in cases of domestic violence and abuse, if the couple chooses to separate, the therapist will do everything possible to help the clients through this difficult emotional time. 

Our couples therapy services in Wichita, KS, can help you improve your relationship by: 

Gaining a better understanding of your partner: Everyone has a different way of interacting with others, and if you and your partner keep missing each other’s attempts at connecting, it can be difficult to have your needs met. Our compassionate counselors can help you understand your partner and overcome these differences.
Improving communication skills: Healthy and open communication will open the path for your partner to be able to show up for you in the way that you need.  
Discover different ways to have a constructive argument: It can be difficult to rebuild trust after an argument that went sideways. Using I-statements, managing your anger, and learning different time-out techniques can help you argue in a constructive manner.

A call to action.

It is hard to believe but research shows that the longer you cohabitate before marriage without counseling the greater the failure rate?  But is your choice.  We are here to help you.  Call  our office manager at 316-677-7646 for an appointment with one of our experienced relationship counselors.