Bible-Based Life Coaching

God has called each person to a particular mission in life but most wander in life without direction.  Bible-based life coaches help clients find their calling, plan how to achieve it, and support the client in achieving their calling.  The major difference between secular and biblical life coaching is that the goal is determined by God and not the individual.   

Bible-based Life Coach Program

Our Life Coaching Program in Wichita is designed for reasonably mature Christians that want to discover the call of God on their lives and have assistance in planning and achieving that call. It also provides mentoring, support and advice to help you become more successful in this life from a Christian Perspective. It is not for those facing difficult issues more appropriate for our other counseling programs.  
You will meet weekly or monthly with a certified life coach to find your calling, plan how you will achieve it, and receive support for as many sessions as you wish.

Bible-based Life Coaching Cost

Life coaching fees are based on a sliding scale determined by your family income.  The minimum fee is 70.00 per session. 

Life Coaching Prognosis

Life coaching is usually a very pleasurable experience since coaches are allowed a closer more friendship mentoring relationship than counselors.  When you succeed they succeed just like a coach in sports.  It is good to have a very experienced mentor on your side rooting for you.   

A call to action.

God has a mission for your life that He gave you even before you were even born.  You know what it is?  If you do not, how can you possibly achieve it?     According to the parable of talents God holds you accountable for what you do with the talents he has given you.   But maybe you were not sure what that is or what you were called by God to do.  Bible-based life coaching tries to help you discover your calling and the talents he has given you.    Your  coach will work with you similar to that of an athletic coach to help to achieve are you recall to do in this life.  You only have so many years on this Earth to achieve that mission or calling.  Call 316-677-7646 to schedule an appointment with one of our life coaches.