Counseling Appointments

This is the reception window in the waiting room at Word of Life Counseling Center North.
Donna Coltrane at the Reception and Appointment Window at Word of Life Counseling Center North
The client waiting area at Word of Life Counseling Center North
The Waiting Area at Word of Life Counseling Center North


Health Insurance can be filed for you.

Here is a partial listing of insurance companies for which some of our counselors are in-network providers.  Other insurance companies may consider certain counselors as out of network providers and may require higher deductibles or pay at a reduced rate.  Individual and family therapy fees without insurance are $145 for the initial diagnostic interview and $125 for subsequent sessions.   You may also qualify for our sliding scale rates.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

United Behavior Health*

United Health Care




Benefit Management Inc/WPPA

*Kancare Medicaid Providers


Tricare  West


Group Fees

Therapy groups which are part of our court approved programs do require a fee which is due at each session as follows: 

Drug/alcohol Therapy Groups  $50.00

Relapse Prevention Groups  $20.00 per group meeting

Anger Management/Domestic Violence Groups $20.00

Parenting Classes $15 per class 

Please refer to each of these individual programs under the services page links. 

Appointment Procedure

1. Call 316-677-7646 for individual, marriage and family counseling, 316-461-0901 for substance abuse, 316-210-2917 for anger management,  and 316-529-2756 for parenting classes.

2. Let the  office manager know:

a. The type of counseling or Life Coaching you need.

b. Specify whether you want a specific program, a  licensed counselor, use health insurance, a degreed  counselor on a sliding scale, or a student/lay counselor.

c. Specify when you are available.

3. Make sure to provide a number where you would like to be contacted.

4. For individual counseling. marriage and family counseling. We will attempt to remind you of your appointment by text message and/or email the  day before your appointment.

5. If this is your first counselling appointment please download and fill out the forms below, or come to your appointment 15 minutes early in order to fill out the forms.

Appointment Intake Form
This is the initial intake form to be filled out prior to your first appointment.
Counseling Center Intake Form 2017.docx
Microsoft Word Document 12.7 KB
Counseling Agreement Form
This is the Counseling Agreement from which provides information concerning your rights to be read and signed prior to your first appointmennt.
Word of Life Counseling Center Counselin
Microsoft Word Document 14.4 KB
Notice of Privacy Practies for Hipaa
This Information form describes you rights under the Hipaa law protecting health care records privacy.
Hipaa Notice of Privacy Practices NPP_LO
Microsoft Word Document 26.1 KB
Receipt of Hipaa Privacy Practices Form
By signing this form you confirm that we have provided you your Notice of Privacy Practices relating to your health care records according to Hipaa requirements.
Hipaa Notice of Privacy Practice ACKNOWL
Microsoft Word Document 24.8 KB