Here is Dr. Troy Reiner, Director of Word of LIfe Counseling Center
Dr. Troy Reiner, Director

What is Word of Life Counseling Center?

Word of Life Counseling Center is a non-profit, full service Christian counseling center founded in 1991 that provides state licensed Marriage and Family Therapy, a State Licensed Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Clinic, court approved anger management, life coaching, Health and weight coaching, and parenting classes.

What is the Mission of Word of Life Counseling Center

Our Mission is to provide more effective Bible-based Christian counseling, drug and alcohol recovery,  parenting classes, and life coaching for the growing epidemic of spiritually unfulfilled, underachieving, dysfunctional, emotionally hurting, and psychologically impaired people in our churches and in our society.

Why is Christian Counseling Needed?

God's method of salvation works but sometimes we need someone to help us discover the problem and remove the roadblocks that are stopping God's process of salvation and the move of the Holy Spirit within us from making us completely whole. The counselor's place in the body of Christ is to assist individuals and families to apply the word of God and the enablement of the Holy Spirit to resolve specific kinds of difficult and long-term psychological, emotional, and family problems.

What basic counseling methods or modalities are used?

At Word of Life Counseling Center we use an underlying overall methodology based directly on the Bible called Faith Therapy.  It is used to integrate in-depth Bible knowledge, biblical principles, biblical models, Theophostic prayer ministry, other counseling methods (which do not contradict the Bible), and current research to effectively address both the presenting problem and the underlying issues that are causing the problem.  


Faith Therapy is a biblically derived and integrated method for psychological healing and spiritual growth based on the process of salvation by faith. Biblical models, principles and methods are used to identify the root cause of a problem, remove any hindrance to spiritual growth and develop the faith necessary to overcome the problem.


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