Word of Life Ministries and Schools

Christian counseling center is located at these Word of Life Ministries and School facilities.
Christian counseling center located at Word of Life Ministries and Schools.

Word of Life Counseling Center is one of the outreaches of Word of Life Ministries and Schools. Other ministries include the two Word of Life Church campuses, Word of Life Teen Church, Word of Life Spanish Church, Life Preparatory Academy, Word of Life Day Care, and Word of Life Counseling Training Institute. Word of Life Ministries and School Inc is a non-denominational, non-profit 501(3)(C) Corporation.


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For more information about our other ministries please visit our other websites:

Word of Life Church and Ministries  www.wolm.org

Life Prepatory Academy (K-12)  www.wolts.org

Word of Life Insitutue  www.freechristiancounselingtraining.com

Word of Life Counseling Resources www.faiththerapy.org

Word of Life Childcare and Daycare www.wordoflifechildcare.org