Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral counseling is provided by an ordained pastor who is certified through our Faith Therapy Pastoral Certification Program which is derived directly from the Bible based on the process of salvation by Faith and Dr. Reiner's The Just Shall Live by Faith series of books:  "Faith Therapy," "Transformation!", "Revelations That Will Set You Free," and "Principles for Life."  In addition they have a degree in a mental health field, Bible College training or an ordination as a pastor. 

Pastoral Counseling Specialty

Their specialty is their extensive Bible knowledge and its direct application of the Bible to your biblically oriented difficulty or roadblock to becoming completely whole in Christ. 


Because most of our Pastoral counselors have been directly trained and experienced here at Word of Life and are dedicated to this body of believers they counsel for a reduced fee of only $50 per session.


Not only are most of our Pastoral Counselors trained here but we also provide direct supervision by our state licensed professionals, therefore the results are similar in quality and results. 

A Call to Action

What are you waiting for?  Here is your chance to get truly biblical counseling from someone who really understands and knows the Bible.  Call 316-677-7646 for an appointment.