Health and Weight Coaching

 This whole new area of personal coaching is a  combination of exercise, eating right, psychological motivation and doing it from a Christian spiritual perspective.  It can an be done individually with a personal trainer, attending a group program of 13 weeks, doing it online or even learning how to be a certified health and weight coach.  To access the Health and Weight Program outline select that option and enter the password.  To take the Health and Weight examinations select that option and enter that password. 

Brian Wellbrock specializes in Health and Weight coaching.
Brian Wellbrock and wife Leaders of C2C Reset

Program fees.

Cost depends on whether you are self motivated you are and how much assistance you need in keeping on track.  Having a personal trainer help you one-on-one costs $70 per session.  Watching a video online 13 week program costs $300.  To become a certified Health and Weight coach costs $600.


Because this program combines the spiritual, psychological, dietary and physical aspects   we believe you'll be surprised at how effective it is.  Brian has many years of experience as a personal coach and many more writing and publishing the training manuals. At the low fees involved why not give it a try.

Call to Action

If you are struggling to keep your life and weight under control it's time to take action.  For  spiritual, psychological and medical reasons it's time to get your life back.  Call Brian at 719-602-9682 on what options are currently available as this ministry grows.