Mental Health Specialty Areas

We have helped thousands of clients since Word of Life Counseling Center opened in 1991.  In addition to the services and programs listed we have certain specialty areas of mental health counseling that have been established over the years.  All of our counselors are State Licensed at the Clinical level.  That means they are licensed to diagnosis mental health problems using The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM5) and can provide treatment or referral based on their training and experience in these areas. 

Stress management and anxiety

Trauma informed Therapy/PTSD

Depression and emotions

Mental Health Therapy

Low self-worth and insignificance

Spiritual growth and life coaching

Relationship analysis

Marital conflict and affairs


Intimacy development

Parenting methods



Domestic Violence

Obsessions and compulsions

Abuse recovery


Sexual addiction

A call to action.

Serious mental health problems need to be addressed as soon as possible.  They are complicated by the fact that medical issues, experiences, choices and  sometimes a spiritual component needs to be addressed as soon as possible.  Contact our scheduler at 316-677-7646 for and appointment as soon as possible.  We have both male and female clinically license knowable counselors to evaluate the situation and to ensure that the client gets the best possible help.